The St John of Bridlington Lodge Freemasons have generously donated £1,500 to the York & Scarborough Hospitals Charity, earmarked for the purchase of six new 32” televisions for Bridlington Hospital’s Johnson Ward.

These televisions are intended to provide entertainment and a measure of comfort to patients during their stay.

The contribution covers the cost of the TVs, which were installed at no additional charge by Dixons Discount Warehouse in Filey, showcasing a community effort to enhance patient care.

Phil Harrison, the Charity Steward of the lodge, expressed pride in the ability to offer this support to Bridlington Hospital, acknowledging the collective effort and specifically thanking Claire from Dixons Discount Warehouse for her essential role in this initiative.

The positive reaction from both the nursing staff and the patients, evident through their joy upon receiving the TVs, underscores the significant impact of this donation.

Joe Fenton, a Community Fundraiser for the York & Scarborough Hospitals Charity, also expressed gratitude for the Freemasons’ substantial donation. He highlighted the difference it will make for patients in the Johnson Ward, enhancing the hospital experience for visitors and patients alike for many years to come.

This act of generosity by the Freemasons of St John of Bridlington Lodge not only provides immediate benefits in terms of patient comfort and entertainment but also strengthens the bond between the community and its local healthcare facilities, demonstrating the profound effect of community support in healthcare environments.

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