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Work Of Orsett Freemasons And The William Glasgow Trust

The importance of strong communities, which serve as vital sources of social connection and a sense of belonging, is underscored by the work of the Orsett Freemasons and the William Glasgow Trust. The Freemasons, with their 300-year history of aiding those in need, have always placed community and charity at the heart of their principles. The Stanford-le-Hope Lodge No. 5217, based at the Orsett Masonic Hall, is a testament to this commitment, with its 30 members actively contributing to local causes and charities.

Over the past year, the Lodge has made significant charitable contributions, donating £31,850 to 29 different charities, community groups, and local causes. A substantial portion of these donations was made possible through a Legacy Trust left by the late William Glasgow, born in Aberdeen in 1905.

William Glasgow’s life was marked by resilience and determination. His father, a draughtsman in shipbuilding, moved the family to Glasgow after acquiring a Clydesdale shipyard. Despite initial prosperity, the shipyard fell into bankruptcy following World War I, leading to his father’s early death. William, then a teenager, moved with his mother to Essex, where they started a successful poultry farming business.

William was initiated into the Stanford-le-Hope Lodge No. 5217 in 1944, where he became known for his warm welcome to visitors. His later years were brightened by his involvement in three Lodges, and he decided to leave a lasting legacy to support their charitable work. He bequeathed four properties in Aberdeen to the Lodges, forming the William Glasgow Trust from the rental incomes.

William passed away in 1980 during a Lodge meeting, while reciting the charge to new members. His legacy continues to support the Lodges’ charitable work, and he is remembered with gratitude by the Freemasons of Essex.

Source: yourthurrock

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