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Watch: ‘We Freemasons Are Good People’

Simon Cusens leads the Sovereign Grand Lodge of Malta and is on a mission to clear the name of hundreds of genuine freemasons in Malta whose reputation has been tainted by centuries-old public misconceptions and conspiracy theories about crime and corruption. The main Masonic temple in Marsamxett is lined with Freemasonry symbols, flags, coat of arms, inscriptions, and group photos of hundreds of men who used to be Freemasons. The lodge also has a bar, recreation area, and dining hall. Freemasonry has been resented for centuries due to its strict principles of brotherhood and secrecy and is often shrouded in mystery and controversy due to its wealthy and powerful people. Freemasonry has been the target of conspiracy theories, but it has also been used by organized crime gangs to conceal and grow criminal activity.

It allows people from any profession to join the Brotherhood, leading to drug smuggling. The Sovereign Grand Lodge of Malta is a registered voluntary organization recognized by the state and bound by the laws of the country, which engages in charitable initiatives and social events to help freemasons mature in thought, word, and deed. Freemasonry in Malta is open to anyone aged 21 and a believer in a higher power. Women are not accepted due to tradition. No professions are excluded and members are not wealthy.

There are hundreds of Freemasons in Malta. Freemasonry is aimed to make good people better, not to exert pressure or influence, and is not used by mafia mobs or criminal gangs for illegal activity. Freemasonry originated from guilds and became the world’s biggest secret organization, known for its elaborate initiation ceremonies.

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