The Significance Of Masonic Hats

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Masonic hats… Do you know what they are or where they can be bought?

Well, Masonic hats are not necessarily the new cool; they have been in existence for quite a long time depicting style and class all at the same time.

The Significance Of Masonic Hats
Masonic Hats

Freemason hats

Freemason is a noun derived which describes a member of a widely distributed secret order, depicting Free and accepted masons. They are known to possess secret signs and passwords. 

Freemason hats are worn by dutiful worship masters who have been elected as master of the lodge where they live.

A little history of Masonic Hats

  • Masonic hats were made solely for the Masters of the Lodge as a symbol of authority and Charisma by the Worshipful Masters. Masonic hats are artful; setting the pace.
  • A Fedora Style of Masonic hat is a popular type of hat often worn by the Master of the Lodge to enhance the elegance. Not only is that particular style of hat worn, other brands and styles are also utilized.
  • Today, These hats are worn, ceremonially, in the United States when the lodge is in session. Some Grand Lodges require that the hat be constructed with a brim. Internationally.

Masonic hats are blended into different cultures and jurisdictions. The numerous styles of Masonic hats are diversely blended into different cultures creatively.

The grand look the Masonic hats give Master of the Lodge makes him appear like a figure to be paid great respect.

Masonic Hat Styles

Different Masonic hat styles exist, they include;

There are satin top hats,

  • Satin collapsible folding top hat,
  • Felt top hats,
  • Men’s fedora hats,
  • Derbies,
  • Bowlers and many more.  

Other jurisdictions around the world wear different varieties of Masonic hats, caps and tams. 

Masonic hats for sale

Masonic hats are “must-have” based on the “grand” and alluring look they give their users. They exist in various categories according to the style to be purchased and the intention of use. Some of the categories that exist include:

  • Embroidered Masonic baseball caps
  • Masonic Top Hats
  • Masonic Freemason Embroidered cap hat
  • Premium Masonic 
  • Curved Bill Snapback Trucker Cap
  • Masonic Logo Embroidered Caps
  • Masonic Square and Compass Trucker Hats
  • Masonic Knit Porn Hat
  • Free Masonic Mason Hat
  • Masonic Snapback Hat
  • Fitted FlexFit 
  • Premium Masonic Hat
  • Vintage Masonic Cotton Hat
  • Masonic Dad Hat
  • Flat Bill Premium Masonic Snapback Hat
  • Vintage Northside Lodge Hat…

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