Spread The World With Small Things

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Every day we wake up, drink coffee (we love coffee), pen our computers, and work. I don’t think we can count on the number of times we haven’t been on computers all day for the past year! It all started in May 2016 when Made for Freemasons (MFF) was created. We put our whole heart into it as we called it. Sometimes in life, you forget to make time for yourself. Brothers, I think we all do. We give love to our family and loved ones; we love and proud of Freemasonry, and a lot of times, I think you forget to rest, relax, do nothing or anything. But it only takes time to free your mind.

Show your Masonic pride
Spread The World With Small Things

Today was a fantastic day!

It was a beautiful day in Florida. We took a break from work and rewarded ourselves with a relaxing day by hiking in the mountains and taking pictures as memories. Something miraculously appeared before our eyes. Clouds formed the shape of the masonic symbol. We stopped for a while to look at it, and we felt incredibly blessed with our work to inspire and spread Masonic pride to the world. Like how we created MFF is not just an online store but also a community for Freemasons worldwide and people looking to learn about Freemasonry.

All this to say that little things can have significant effects. Don’t be afraid to stop and take 10 minutes to think about the positives. We know Freemasons, and sometimes we get tired of hearing false information about Freemasonry. But let’s ignore that. Simplicity is to stop, relax, and rest.

Love yourself.

Let us know what you do to free yourself up in the comments below.


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