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So Far In 2022, The Freemasons Have Donated Over £1 Million To The Ukraine Refugee Appeal

by Charlotte Regen, MyLondon, September 2, 2022

The Freemasonry story starts from when King Solomon’s Temple was built, there are three main ceremonies, Apprentice, Craftsman, and Master Mason. Participating in historic ceremonies is precisely like being an actor in a play. There are strict rules, such as nobody can join if they have a serious criminal record, and you have to be male no younger than 18. Modern Freemasonry is about helping others less fortunate. The 300-year-old history is full of true life stories of helping charities.

The Freemasons support all the major charities, such as the British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research and numerous hospices and food banks. Every Mason has a say in where donations are sent, many Masons are involved in organising fun events in aid of charity.

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