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Salem Masonic Lodge makes $3,000 donation to SCHS Drama Club

The Salem Masonic Lodge has generously donated $3,000 to the Salem Community High School Drama Club. This act of generosity was prompted by a suggestion from Salem Theatre Board member Meredith Fyke, who noted the involvement of over 50 students in the drama club. Mason Steve Lindsey explained that the donation was approved by the Grand Lodge, emphasizing the importance of providing diverse avenues for children to express their talents.

Drew Johnson, a teacher at SCHS and the Drama Club Sponsor, gratefully accepted the donation. He revealed plans to use the funds to address some sound issues they’ve been experiencing. The money will be used to purchase more microphones and belt packs, and potentially replace the main speakers. Johnson believes that improving the sound quality will enhance the experience for everyone and better showcase the students’ talents.

The drama club’s unique partnership with the Salem Community Theatre means that all theatre users will benefit from the improved sound. Johnson is hopeful that the sound upgrades can be completed before the new school year begins in August.

This donation follows a trend of the Salem Masons supporting local school programs, inspired by the successful applications made by the Kinmundy Masons to the Grand Lodge to aid the welding program at South Central High School.

Source: southernillinoisnow

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