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Saint Martin and Freemasonry: How Did the Country Fathers Come to the Lodge?

by editorial board, Nation World News Desk, September 5, 2022

José Francisco de San Martín y Gómez was born in Yapeu, Spain, the son of two peninsular Spaniards and a soldier. He studied Freemasonry in Cádiz and London before moving to the Río de la Plata where he formed an exclusively operatic Freemasonry aimed at freedom in American territories. Historians later saw their ideas as those of Great Britain and its imperialist interests. In the United Provinces of the Río de la Plata, Freemasonry took its first steps during the May Revolution of 1810. Independence Lodge, also known as the San Juan Lodge, was presided over by Moranist Julian lvarez.

Lautaro Lodge, built by San Martín, Alvar, Zapiola and several other Creoles, who arrived in a canning frigate and lost to the French invader. Its purpose was to create an operable cut masonry and gain independence of former US territories. The Liberator’s Masonic involvement took place with such discretion that it was a notorious mystery and surrounded by constant debate among historians. America’s liberator moved with the pain of his self-exile to French lands, knowing that American unity still had no date of birth. He considered, always and remotely, that his homeland was plundered by various caudilians who shared power and thus obstructed the process of national integration.

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