by Tanzi Merritt, Smiley Pete Publishing, September 2, 2022

Freemasonry has existed for centuries, but membership is declining. Many members feel the organization is misrepresented in popular culture. Film documents the traditional Masonic toasts, songs and other rituals of the Annual Festive Board. Filmmaker wanted to provide an educational piece to help other Masonic Lodges know a little more about their history. BT Media Productions has been in operation for three years.

“The Masonic Table” won an award for Best Editing at the Crown Point International Film Festival. All of the documentary footage was captured in one 18-hour session with essentially no budget. The makers are clear this film isn’t just for Masons. Filmed in Fayette County, Kentucky, more than 100 members from six different jurisdictions were present at the Festive Board event. Film captures the elegance of the ritual, with interviews with Masons interspersed with shots from the dinner. “I want the world to know that Freemasonry is a great organization – and those who are curious should look into it,” said filmmaker Jason Evans.