On February 17, the Perham Masonic Lodge 157 is set to host a special appreciation event at the New York Mills City Hall Ballroom, dedicated to honoring local law enforcement, firefighters, and first responders.

This event is not just a gesture of gratitude but also a fundraiser aimed at equipping area law enforcement vehicles with innovative fire suppression tools (FSTs), a move that could significantly enhance their firefighting capabilities.

Ken Friese, a member of the Perham Masonic Lodge 157, shared that the objective is to ensure every squad car in New York Mills, Perham, Wadena, and at least four cars for the Otter Tail County Sheriff’s Department, are outfitted with these FSTs.

These tools, produced by Fire Suppression Solutions, are touted as a revolutionary step in controlling the spread of fires, offering a quick, efficient, and environmentally safe method to combat flames. Originally priced at around $1,000 each, a special initiative by Minnesota Masonic Charities and the Minnesota Grand Lodge of Freemasons has made them available to Masonic lodges for approximately $300 per unit.

The importance of equipping law enforcement with such tools stems from their role as first responders to fire incidents. With an FST, officers can swiftly deploy fire suppression chemicals into a building from a safe distance, potentially reducing the fire’s heat by up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit within just 60 seconds.

This capability not only aids in controlling the fire more effectively but also minimizes the risks of backdrafts and flashovers.

The appreciation dinner and fundraiser, featuring live music by Nothin’ Fancy, food, and beverages, aims to gather support for this cause while celebrating the dedication of local emergency services.

The event, running from 7 p.m. to midnight, also highlights the community’s recognition of the critical role played by these first responders.

This initiative reflects the Perham Masons’ commitment to supporting local charities and community projects, with a focus on enhancing the safety and effectiveness of law enforcement in their firefighting efforts. It’s a testament to the power of community collaboration in advancing public safety and acknowledging the invaluable service of first responders.

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