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Northumberland Freemasons Step up To Assist in Saving Lives at Sea

The Freemasons of Northumberland have taken a significant step towards supporting the life-saving efforts of the RNLI Blyth Lifeboat Station. Following a recent visit to the station, the Freemasons from Cramlington embarked on a fundraising walk from Tynemouth to Blyth, demonstrating their commitment to the cause.

During their visit to the RNLI Blyth, the Freemasons gained a deeper understanding of the critical role the RNLI plays in saving lives at sea. They were given a comprehensive water safety talk and a tour of the lifeboat station, where they learned about the equipment used by the volunteer crew and the various applications of the two inshore lifeboats stationed there.

Inspired by their visit, the Freemasons decided to contribute to the charity’s fundraising efforts. They organized a walk from Tynemouth to Blyth Lifeboat Station as part of the RNLI’s Mayday Campaign. The Northumberland Freemasons then returned to RNLI Blyth to present a generous donation of £3390.30 and discuss their potential future involvement.

In light of the RNLI’s 200th Anniversary next year, the Northumberland Freemasons are planning an even larger walk. This event will involve local schools and the community in fundraising efforts for the RNLI. The donation they’ve made will be specifically used to assist RNLI Blyth in their ongoing mission to save lives at sea.

Carl Birkenshaw, a representative from Northumberland Freemasons, expressed his pleasure in supporting the RNLI. He emphasized the importance of the RNLI’s work and the satisfaction derived from raising money to assist the Blyth crew. Joe Mitchell, Area Lifesaving Manager at the RNLI, expressed gratitude for the Freemasons’ support and assured that the funds raised would be put to good use.

Henry Thompson, RNLI Blyth Visits Officer, also expressed gratitude for the Freemasons’ donation and welcomed their involvement in spreading water safety messages. Those interested in visiting the RNLI Blyth lifeboat station to learn more about the volunteer crew and the RNLI’s water safety messages can contact


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