The Northampton Freemasons have initiated a local branch of their charity, “The 3 Pillars – Feeding the Homeless and Supporting the Community,” following successful implementations in other parts of the county. This charity has been serving in areas like Peterborough, St Neots, Huntingdon, and Rushden for several years, providing hot meals, bedding, and clothing to the homeless and most vulnerable through mobile catering vehicles.

Under the leadership of Aaron Day and a dedicated team, the charity has expanded its reach to Northampton, establishing a new feeding center and Food Bank. Open on Tuesday and Friday evenings at St James Church rooms in Northampton, the center aims to meet the growing demand for food, clean clothing, and compassion.

Aaron Day expressed his enthusiasm for the initiative, emphasizing the importance of sharing and the humbling experience of helping others. He praised Freemasonry’s community involvement and its positive impact on many lives.

The charity’s success is attributed to the collective efforts of members, friends, the Church, and its congregation, who have generously contributed time, food, and money. Co-founder Ged Dempsey highlighted that the Freemason-based charity, with the assistance of various agencies and volunteers, has also facilitated housing for over 180 individuals, 77 of whom are now employed.

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Source: Northamptonchron