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Middlesex Freemasons Help Provide Useful Technology to Children’s Hospices

The Freemasons of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Middlesex have successfully raised over £55,000 to support Lifelites, a charity that provides specialist technology to children’s hospices. The initiative was led by John Briggs, the outgoing charity steward of the lodge, who launched a year-long campaign to help Lifelites provide tech tools to 56 children’s hospices.

These tools include Virtual Reality (VR) headsets and specialist iPads, designed to help children engage in play, creativity, and communication, even while confined to their hospice beds. Lifelites plans to donate comprehensive packages of multiple technologies to children’s palliative care services in the coming year. Each package is customized to meet the specific needs of the children in each hospice.

The technology donated by Lifelites includes specialist iPads equipped with drop-proof cases and apps that facilitate communication for children who are unable to speak. VR technology is also provided to help children explore their surroundings and immerse themselves in new, exciting worlds, all from the comfort of their hospice or palliative care service.

John Briggs expressed his gratitude to the members of Middlesex who supported the campaign and encouraged others to support Lifelites in their mission to improve the lives of children with disabilities and life-threatening conditions. Rob Lightfoot, CEO of Lifelites, praised the Freemasons for their remarkable fundraising efforts, emphasizing the importance of such initiatives in continuing to provide technology to support children with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions.

Lifelites has been donating their equipment and services to every children’s hospice across the British Isles for the past 23 years, making it the only charity to do so. They continue to provide new technology, maintenance, and training to hospice staff, ensuring that as many children as possible can enjoy the benefits of this technology during their short lives.

Source: inyourarea

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