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Hi everybody. Glad you were here. And you will ask what MFF Masonic Store is? an online store or a masonic blog. I answer this question here: BOTH.

You can read The Masonic Blog here

But in this article, we will look at our store. Why?

Freemasonry today is more than just having a set of beliefs. It’s a way of life that can be expressed in everything you do. If you’re proud of your beliefs and want to express this pride in your daily life, we have just the products for you here.

Check out our store to see what we’ve got!

Top Products of The MFF Masonic Store

Top Products of The MFF Masonic Store

Masonic Face Mask

The coronavirus is still out. One of the many hallmarks of a freemason is being smart and understanding the times and seasons. You don’t want to be caught outside without your face mask and risking the virus. That’s not how we Masons live.

So, get your Face mask today.

At Made for Freemasons, we have an assortment of face masks available for people who would like to stay safe and remain stylish. Each of these masks comes designed with freemason symbols and gestures, so you can express your belief and still step out in style.

We provide face masks of different styles and colors swell, so don’t worry about finding the perfect pair that will go with your outfit.

Masonic Face Mask

Masonic Clothing

We all need clothes to live, right? Well, why not channel your belief through what you wear as well. At Made for Freemasons, we have a set of original, high-quality clothing designs that anyone can wear. These designs come in different sizes so that anyone can find the right fit for them. We’ve also incorporated various outlooks and styles that will appeal to you, regardless of what your taste is.

Step into our store and find branded Masonic clothing for you.

Masonic T-Shirts

Everyone has and loves T-shirts. Browse our store to see an assortment of Masonic T-shirts that will fit you, regardless of what your fashion taste is.

We’ve also provided different colors and shapes for you to check out and enjoy as you walk out daily.

Masonic T-Shirts

Shop MFF Masonic T-Shirts

Masonic Hoodies

Stay warm and show off your Masonic identity! Our masonic hoodies are made from the finest quality of the fabric and are as comfortable as possible. They’re also very snug and will last for long.

MFF Masonic Hoodies
Masonic Hoodies

Shop MFF Masonic Hoodies

Masonic Sweatshirts

Sweatshirts are all the rage right now. With the winter months coming, they’ll be even more important to your wardrobe. Get in on the trend before they become too popular with one of our emblazoned sweatshirts. They’re as cool as they are symbolic.

Masonic Jackets

Look Masonic in style! Check out our selection of embroidered jackets today and see which works best for you based on your taste. These jackets are selected from the finest materials and are as swanky as they are symbolic.

Masonic Hooded Jackets

If you’re the type who loves hoodies and is also looking to get a jacket for the winter season, our selection of hooded embroidered jackets is the right pick for you. These jackets cover the entirety of your body, helping you to keep warm in the cold. They also spot the Masonic logo proudly.

Masonic Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are also an ideal fit for a casual event. They’re comfortable and warm – perfect for the summer season. Without embroidered polo shirts, we provide a casual and relaxing way to identify with your Masonic beliefs through clothing.

Past Master Masonic polo shirt
Masonic Polo Shirts

Shop MFF Polo Shirts

Masonic Dress Shirts

The embroidery isn’t so large on an embroidered dress shirts, but it’s still noticeable enough to show off your Masonic beliefs in style. For an official day at the office or a trip to some other official event, these dress shirts are the ideal companion for any man.

Masonic Hats

Hats are another piece of clothing that perfectly combine aesthetic appeal with functionality. Whether you just want to wear a hat for the sake of showing off or you need it to keep your head warm, a hat is a perfect example of a clothing item that can be used to display Masonic creativity.

MFF Masonic Hats
Masonic Hats

Shop MFF Masonic Hats


Who doesn’t drink in the 21st century? With options for drinkware at pretty much everywhere these days, you need something to help you stand out and be distinct. This is primarily what one of our drinkware choices can help you with.

So, check out some our Masonic drinkware options and see which works for you.

MFF Masonic Drinkware
Masonic Drinkware

Enamel Mug

The enamel mug is the perfect companion on a cold night with a cup of tea, coffee, or hot cocoa. Know what would make it even the more perfect? A Masonic design peeking out of its side!

30oz Tumbler

Also another piece for the cold days, the 30oz tumbler is the right fit for a day out and about. Functional and beautiful, it’s the perfect fit for a Masonic brand on the side. Thankfully., we have the best ones!

20oz Tumbler

You might not carry them out much often, but they’re an amazing tool to have in the house. You can check out our selection of 20oz tumblers and see which works for you and appeal to the Freemason in you.

Boho 20oz Tumbler

Give your tumblers a bit of flair. Why settle for the old, usual tumblers when you can have one of our swanky new boho 20oz tumblers?

11oz Mug 

The small and cute child in the mug family, these are truly a beauty to behold. They’re cute and durable, and the Masonic sign on them makes them much more beautiful.

Freemason Flag Masonic Mug
Masonic Mug

Shop MFF Masonic Mugs

Home & Living 

Home is where the heart is. It’s also where you deserve to feel safest and most comfortable, surrounded by the things you love.

If you’re a Freemason at heart and you’re willing to bring a few Masonic concepts into your home, check out some of the items we have on display.


Looking to beautify your home? Check out some of the awesome Masonic posters available for display. You can hang any of these up at any part of the house and rest assured that it will add to the attraction of the entire place.


Nothing gets the ladies – or guys – staring at you like jewelry. Our selection of Masonic jewelry is even better, allowing you to express your belief while still looking stylish and turning heads wherever you go. That’s how you make a statement.


Stay warm and snug on a cold night and be inspired by one of our Masonic logos. We provide a wide array of blankets, with varying sizes and designs, ready for you.


Our Masonic store isn’t just for people who love to express themselves. It’s about showing your belief in a way that fits your lifestyle and lets you live easily. From clothing and drinkware to hats and masks, we’ve got everything you need right here.


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