In a significant act of community support, the Simpson Masonic Lodge No. 157 of Newboro has made a generous donation of $100,000 to the new long-term care facility in Athens, further pushing the fundraising efforts towards their goal. This donation comes on the heels of another substantial contribution from the Tackaberry Family, showcasing the community’s commitment to the cause.

The facility, currently known as the Maple View Landings Redevelopment Project, is set to replace the Maple View Lodge, a long-term care home owned and operated by the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville. With a fundraising target of $3 million, the project is the largest capital construction project in the history of the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville, with a total cost exceeding $80 million.

Paul Thompson, a brother at Simpson Lodge, expressed the lodge’s delight in making the donation. He emphasized that the contribution aligns with the Masonic tenet of caring for the aging population, and is a fitting use of the equity from the sale of the Newboro Masonic Hall.

The new facility, which is currently under construction, will be known as the G. Tackaberry Family Home. The existing building, Maple View Lodge, will be repurposed in due course. The generous donation from the Simpson Masonic Lodge has secured the naming rights for the secure garden and shelters at the new facility.

Nancy Peckford, mayor of North Grenville and warden of the United Counties, highlighted the importance of the project. She stated that it is crucial for ensuring that residents have access to affordable long-term care in a municipally-operated home where they will receive quality care in a world-class facility. She also praised the generosity of residents, businesses, and community groups across the Counties for their continued support of the project.

Simpson Masonic Lodge, formed in 1867, has a long history of community involvement and support for worthy causes. The Lodge now holds its meetings at the Masonic Hall in Philipsville after selling its former location due to declining membership and the age of its members.

Doug Struthers, chairman for the Fundraising Committee, expressed immense gratitude for the Lodge’s contribution. He noted that the donation would be directed towards purchasing extra amenities to enhance the lives of the residents and make the facility truly feel like home.

Source: Recorder