In the heart of Revelstoke, the Masonic Brotherhood, housed in the historic Kootenay Masonic Lodge No. 15, stands as a testament to a legacy of bettering men and the community. Contrary to the mysterious aura often associated with Freemasonry in popular culture, the real essence of this fraternity, as revealed by members Josh McLafferty, Garry Resvick, and Cyrille Marcil, is far more grounded and altruistic.

Tracing its origins back to the 18th century, Freemasonry in Revelstoke began with the establishment of Kootenay Lodge No. 15 in 1891. Over the decades, this lodge has become a beacon of philanthropy, brotherhood, and the preservation of historic rituals. Annually, the lodge generously donates around $20,000 to various local initiatives, including healthcare, education, and community welfare, demonstrating a deep commitment to societal betterment.

The lodge’s philanthropic endeavors are funded through member dues and rental income from their property, which also accommodates local businesses. This financial model not only supports the lodge’s charitable activities but also integrates it more closely with the local community.

Beyond philanthropy, the Masonic Lodge in Revelstoke serves as a sanctuary for men to cultivate friendships and support each other’s mental and emotional well-being. In a world where discussions about men’s mental health are increasingly vital, the lodge offers a safe space free from the divisiveness of politics and religion. The only spiritual requirement is a belief in a higher power, fostering a sense of humility and perspective among its members.

The Masonic rituals, often shrouded in mystery, are, in fact, key to reinforcing the fraternity’s core values. These ceremonies, rich in allegory and symbolism, are exclusive to members and aim to guide them towards leading more virtuous lives. The rituals, along with practices like wearing a uniform apron, symbolize equality and unity among the members, irrespective of their social or professional standing.

Kootenay Lodge No. 15 is actively welcoming new members, offering a blend of formal meetings and social activities, including visits to other lodges. This openness reflects a shift from the past, where Masonic activities were more secretive, to the present, where the lodge seeks to engage more openly with the community.

In summary, the Masonic Brotherhood in Revelstoke is a pillar of the community, dedicated to philanthropy, fostering brotherhood, and promoting personal growth among its members. Through its actions, the lodge exemplifies the Masonic principle of making good men better, contributing significantly to both individual and communal well-being.

Source: Revelstoke Mountaineer