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Invite to see behind the scenes at Ramsgate Masonic Centre open day

by Kathy Bailes, The Isle of Thanet News, November 26, 2022

The Royal Navy Lodge is based at the masonic centre on the corner of St Luke’s Avenue/Hardres Street. Its has some 40 members and includes people from a variety of professions including builders, lorry drivers, car specialists, public servants and self-employed / company directors.

Freemasonry in England was formally established in 1717, but there is evidence that unregulated Freemasonry existed many years before this date. The Masons are one of the largest charity providers in the UK, after the national lottery. Members support many local and national charities through fundraising events or personal donations.

Freemasonry has been viewed by conspiracy theorists as a secret society that promotes nepotism amongst its members. The reality is completely different, no-one is trying to take over the world from an old church hall in Ramsgate. The camaraderie within Freemasonry is a significant benefit to members mental health – and may inspire others to make a New Year’s Resolution to do likewise.

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