The Guisborough Freemasons, based at the Freemason’s Hall on Chaloner Street in Guisborough, recently gathered to distribute donations to 13 different charities. These donations were made possible through the bequest of Alec Smith, a deceased member of the Zetland Lodge, who left his entire estate for the lodge to use for annual charitable contributions. The event was led by lodge master Barry Dawson, with Andy Hill serving as the director of ceremonies.

During this special evening, 13 charities from Guisborough and the surrounding area of East Cleveland were selected to receive donations. Each charity was chosen by two members of the lodge, and representatives from these organizations were invited to personally receive a cheque. The specific amounts of the donations were not disclosed.

Among the recipients were various local sports clubs and initiatives. The Guisborough Swimming Club, represented by Jon Walton, was nominated by John and Barbara Buckworth. Martin and Irene Eggermont nominated the Guisborough Rugby Club, specifically for junior team development under Des Horton. Local Yorkshire cricketer Monty Dodsworth, nominated by Geoff Dodsworth, received support for travel expenses.

The Gisborough Priory Project received a nomination from Barry and Christine Dawson. Guisborough Town Council Mayor David Johnson, nominated by Ian and Ella Williams, received a donation for the town’s Christmas Festival, aimed at providing selection boxes of chocolates to all primary school children in Guisborough this year.

Other notable donations included support for Senses, a project for children with special needs, nominated by Brian and Roz Kent. The children’s ward at James Cook Hospital A&E and the hospital’s Holistic Cancer Care unit also received donations, nominated by Andy and Carol Hill, and Ged and Alison Demoily, respectively.

Vasculitis UK, represented by Danny Hughes and his wife Sarah Hughes, received a donation thanks to Keith and Anne Prior. The National Association of Blood Bikes, represented by Chris Smith and Mark Dickinson, was nominated by Barry and Christine Dawson for their work in transporting medical specimens across the North East. Brian Whitfield and Jim Cave nominated Rubies, an organization supporting girls with confidence and self-esteem issues, particularly in the wake of the pandemic.

Additional beneficiaries included the Marske and New Marske Barn Owl Scout Group and the Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre, which received funds for heating expenses.

Over the past two years, the Guisborough Freemasons have donated more than £36,700 to local charities, with £8,700 being distributed at this most recent event.

Source: darlingtonandstocktontimes