On a memorable Saturday, the community of Routt County gathered at their historic courthouse to commemorate its 100th anniversary. The highlight of the day was the unveiling of a 101-year-old time capsule by the local Freemasons. The event was a blend of nostalgia, community spirit, and a journey back in time.

A Day to Remember

The courthouse lawn was buzzing with activities and tours throughout the morning, leading up to the grand finale—the opening of the time capsule. David Moran, the Worshipful Master of the local Freemason lodge, humorously noted that they were a year late in celebrating the 100th anniversary, attributing it to “Steamboat time.”

The Time Capsule Unveiled

After carefully removing a few bricks, members of the Elk Mountain Lodge #118 A.F. & A.M. used a small power tool to open the time capsule. The metal box contained a treasure trove of historical documents, including old newspapers, pamphlets, and even a letter signed by James Crawford, the founder of Steamboat Springs.

What Was Inside?

The capsule was a snapshot of life in 1922, featuring:

  • A copy of the Routt County Sentential dated June 16, 1922
  • A local guide by the Steamboat Springs Commercial Club
  • A program from the ninth annual Routt County Fair
  • A pamphlet on Routt County’s agricultural yield
  • Magazines and newspapers from September 1922
  • A letter from the Routt County Clerk and Recorder listing local officers

A Glimpse into the Past

Among the most intriguing items was a letter from James Crawford, stating that he had located the ground where the courthouse now stands back in June 1874. This revelation added a layer of historical depth to the event.

Reflections from Officials

Routt County Commissioners Tim Redmond and Tim Corrigan expressed their pride in the courthouse’s history and its preservation. Redmond described the courtroom as “the most beautiful room in Northwest Colorado,” while Corrigan cited a 1922 article praising the building’s architectural elegance.

A Legacy Preserved

The courthouse, built in 1922 at a cost of $122,000, has undergone internal changes but has retained its original exterior. The commissioners affirmed their commitment to maintaining this historical landmark for future generations.

Public Display

David Moran announced that the time capsule’s contents would be displayed inside the courthouse for an undetermined period, allowing the community to engage with their shared history.


The centennial celebration of the Routt County Courthouse was not just a birthday party but a meaningful connection to the past. The event served as a reminder of the community’s rich history and the importance of preserving it for future generations.

Source: steamboat pilot