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Freemasons Reach Out To Those With Multiple Sclerosis

Bianca Özcan, the founder of Multiple Sclerosis Namibia (MSN), was taken aback when her organization received a generous donation of N$100,000 from the United Grand Lodge of England, a Freemason group. The donation was handed over by Sir David Wootton in Windhoek, a gesture that was unexpected but greatly appreciated by Özcan.

In the current global economic climate, charitable organizations like MSN find it increasingly challenging to secure donations. The members of MSN are working tirelessly to raise funds for their operations and awareness events.

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic, non-fatal disease that leads to the degradation of the nerve cells’ protective covering (myelin sheath/white matter) in the brain and spinal cord. Symptoms of MS include fatigue, blurred speech, numbness, body pain, and optic neuritis.

MSN currently has 54 patients in their database, with only 17 of them employed. The remaining 37 patients are unemployed, which adds to their financial strain, and this is only a fraction of their expenses.

Wootton, speaking to The Namibian, emphasized that the Freemason organization values kindness and charitable giving, which are integral to their principles. The organization aims to support its members in making positive contributions to communities and worthy causes, either through fundraising events or volunteer work.

Source: namibian

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