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Freemasons Open Day At New Lodge Myall In Tea Gardens

In November 2022, the Freemasons marked their grand return to the Myall Coast area with the establishment of Lodge Myall 1058, following a period of absence. To celebrate this return and foster community engagement, an Open Day is scheduled at the Tea Gardens Masonic Centre on 7 October, from 9 am to 2 pm. This event signifies a revival, echoing the contributions of the erstwhile Lodge Port Stephens 552, which was a cornerstone in the community before its closure.

The upcoming Open Day serves as a platform for community members to reacquaint themselves with the Masons. It’s an opportunity to learn about their ongoing and future charitable and community endeavors. The re-establishment of Lodge Myall as a ‘daylight’ lodge is particularly tailored to cater to the older retirees in the Myall region, offering them a chance to reengage with community activities and the esteemed traditions of the Masons.

Questions or Insights

  1. Rekindling Community Ties: How will the re-establishment of Lodge Myall influence the social and cultural dynamics of the Myall Coast area?
  2. Charitable Endeavors: What specific community and charitable activities are the Freemasons planning to undertake to mark their return?
  3. Engaging the Elderly: How does the ‘daylight’ lodge concept cater specifically to the needs and preferences of older retirees in the region?

Source: newsofthearea

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