by Brandon Mawson, News & Star, 5th April 2023

This past Sunday, the towns and roads of Cumbria County were filled with the thundering sound of motorbikes as the Cumbria Chapter of the Widow’s Son’s Masonic Bikers Association hit the road for a heartwarming Easter mission.

The group of motorcyclists, all members of Cumbria Freemasons, embarked on a journey to spread joy and deliver Easter eggs to some of the most vulnerable children in the community.

The initiative was aimed at supporting pupils with additional needs, children who are currently in hospital, and children receiving care in the hospice during the Easter season. The motorcycling Freemasons made it their mission to ensure that these children had an Easter to remember, despite the challenges they may be facing.

As the convoy of motorbikes made its way through the county, the children’s faces lit up with excitement as they had the opportunity to sit on the bikes, rev them up, and receive a chocolate Easter egg. The Freemasons also delivered warm blankets and teddies, bringing further comfort to the children and their families.

The journey began at The Cumberland Infirmary, where the Freemasons visited the children’s ward and met with the young patients. From there, they proceeded to the Jig Saw Hospice to deliver more eggs, and finally to West Cumberland Hospital for the last leg of their Easter mission.

Neil Dixon, spokesperson for Cumbria Freemasons, expressed his pride and gratitude for the support shown by members and friends of the Freemasons of Cumbria, who contributed both funds and eggs for the cause. “It was a wonderful gesture and we are very proud to be able to deliver these eggs, as well as donations to the children throughout Cumbria this week on motorbikes,” Dixon said. “To see the joy it brought to the children when we arrived on motorbikes made every minute worthwhile and it’s a great example of local Freemasons supporting local charities and the community.”

With the Easter holidays in full swing, the Masonic motorbikes also made a visit to James Rennie School in Carlisle on Monday, where they received an amazing reception from the staff and pupils. Each destination received a thoughtful donation to their charity, along with the gifts of chocolate eggs, teddies, and warm blankets.

The efforts of the motorcycling Freemasons demonstrate the positive impact that community-driven initiatives can have on those in need, especially during times of celebration and festivity. The children and families touched by this gesture will surely remember this Easter as one filled with love, kindness, and the spirit of giving.