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Freemasons: ‘Helping Good Men Become Better’

The Wareham Freemasons hosted an open house on October 21st, which, despite inclement weather, saw a robust turnout. The event aimed to demystify the Freemasons and clarify their purpose.

David Maxim, a member, emphasized that while certain aspects of the society are confidential, such as meeting content and rituals, the organization’s objectives are transparent. He also noted that Freemasonry is inclusive of various faiths, requiring only a belief in a higher power.

Freemasonry, one of the world’s oldest and largest fraternities, traces its origins to medieval stone mason guilds. Over time, it evolved from physical masonry to symbolic masonry, welcoming ‘honorary members’ since the 16th and 17th centuries.

The organization champions values like patriotism and community service, which members believe are waning nationally. Jim Rawlings, another member, described Freemasonry as an entity that enhances the virtues of good men.

The Freemasons are actively involved in community service but prefer to work behind the scenes. The Wareham branch boasts 60 to 65 dues-paying members, but its impact extends beyond, supporting families of members through auxiliary organizations.

Women lead the Order of the Eastern Star and the Order of the Amaranth, while youth groups like the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls and DeMolay International cater to younger community members.

Source: Wareham Week

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