The Freemasons Foundation Victoria has made significant contributions to aid the victims of recent floods in Rochester. Rod Lavin, the chair of the foundation, along with other members, traveled to Rochester to witness the impact of their donations firsthand.

The Freemasons Foundation Victoria had already transferred the funds to the benefiting groups. Among the recipients were the Rochester Cemetery, which received $10,000 to cover excavation and repair works after 400 graves were flooded in October. Rochester Primary School was granted $25,000 to equip its new Wellbeing Centre, and Rochester Community House received a $50,000 donation from the foundation.

In addition to the monetary contributions, the Freemasons also donated 300 specially made woolen blankets, valued at $30,000, to the community. The blankets were delivered during the Freemasons’ charity arm visit to Rochester.

The Freemasons Foundation Victoria, which was established in 1889, has grown significantly over the years. The initial 500-pound contribution from William Clarke has now expanded to a whopping $60 million, which the foundation distributes to deserving individuals and organizations in Victoria every year.

The Freemasons’ donations to Rochester are part of nearly $750,000 in flood-relief commitments made by the foundation and Freemasons Victoria. Other beneficiaries include Melbourne-based FareShare, Australia’s largest charity kitchen, which received $50,000 for their emergency relief program.

The Freemasons Foundation Victoria and Freemasons Victoria are committed to rebuilding the Victorian communities affected by the floods. The grants are directed towards groups that are providing support to those most in need. The foundation’s vision is a healthier and stronger Victoria, and they are honored to support community programs and organizations as they continue to deal with the impacts of the floods.

The focus of the Freemasons’ donations is on projects that have a direct and immediate impact on those affected by the floods. The funds are used in a way that directly benefits flood victims and provides them with essential resources. The Rochester Community House, for example, has used its donation for emergency relief, including the purchase of heaters, clothes dryers, and blankets to increase the comfort of families during the winter. The 300 blankets delivered will be distributed directly to displaced community members living at the Elmore Field Day site.

The Freemasons’ generosity has allowed the Rochester Community House to supply much-needed products to people living in uncomfortable situations during the winter. The funds have also been used to support local businesses, including hairdressers, who have been described as “accidental counselors”. Each received $1000 in support of their businesses. The blankets will be a wonderful gift to those people when they return to their homes.