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Freemasonry in Greece – A look inside the Athens Grand Lodge (PHOTOS)

The Grand Lodge of Greece, on the corners of Acharnon and Sourmeli in downtown Athens, opened up its doors for the first time, posting photos of its interior building on its social media pages. Many people believe in conspiracies related to the Free Masons and Freemasonry lodges, such as their nefarious plots made at secretive gatherings in undisclosed or impregnable locations.

The first Masonic lodge in Greece, called ‘Beneficenza’, was founded on the island of Corfu in 1782 during its Venetian occupation. Greek Freemasonry spread to the other Ionian islands, and as the members of the Greek Lodge claim on their website, they played a central role in the uprising against the Ottoman empire. The lodge finally got its current name in 1936.


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