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Essex Freemasons Help Donate to Treetops School

The Essex Freemasons have embarked on an inspiring new initiative, gaining traction across Essex, aimed at supporting small community groups. Mandalas, originating from the Sanskrit term for a circle with a center point, have been traditionally used for mindfulness and are known to boost brain activity and enhance fine motor skills. Studies have indicated that coloring can alleviate stress and anxiety, elevate mood, and foster a sense of achievement.

The Essex Freemasons Community Fund has generously donated £6,000, initiating a project that has already reached hospitals across the county. This initiative has expanded to over 20 local charities and community groups, aiding children with autism and learning difficulties, adults with mental health issues, stroke survivors, and the elderly affected by Alzheimer’s and dementia.

In collaboration with the Art Charity ‘Get Started Art’ and six Masonic lodges, the Cross Keys Community Fund in Thurrock has been instrumental in this endeavor. They have successfully printed and distributed four thousand Art Therapy Coloring books. Within just 72 hours, over a thousand books were donated to hospitals in Essex, with an additional two thousand reaching 20 other groups, accompanied by over 10,000 coloring pencils. The Alzheimer’s Society and Dementia Care Essex have also received a substantial number of these colorful books, sufficient for all day centers in the county, including Braintree, Maldon, and Colchester.

A charity ball held at Langdon Hills Golf and Country Club in Upminster on October 21st raised an additional £3,100 for this initiative. Lee Taylor and Charles Elliott, well-known figures among Essex Freemasons, attended the event and pledged to promote this inspiring project across Essex and beyond.

Further contributions from Masonic Lodges and local businesses will enable the printing and distribution of more books. With the involvement of local hospitals, the Alzheimer’s Society, Age Well East, and various specialty units for children with special educational needs or learning disabilities, this project is proving to be a valuable and much-needed resource.

The initiative now seeks details of other local community groups across the county that could benefit from this project.

Source: yourthurrock

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