Four years ago, a quartet of Freemasons from Grantham decided to share a curry meal. Little did they know, this small gathering would expand into a group of approximately 60 Freemasons and friends who meet every four to six weeks for curry, conversation, and beer. This initiative, which originated from the town’s Doric Lodge, has since transformed into The Grantham Curry Club, engaging members from four local craft lodges, with 35 to 40 participants at each gathering.

The club was established by Doric Lodge member Chris Watkin. He explained that The Grantham Curry Club serves two main purposes for the Freemasons in Lincolnshire, and specifically in Grantham. Firstly, it enhances the bond among existing members, offering an extra platform for building meaningful relationships and preserving unity. Secondly, it operates as a welcoming center, introducing curious individuals to the principles and values of Freemasonry.

Over the past three years, The Grantham Curry Club has successfully introduced twelve new Freemasons, who have been warmly received as members of the four distinct Grantham lodges. The club’s commitment to integrating newcomers and demonstrating the benefits of Freemasonry has fueled its expansion and contributed to the ongoing success of this vibrant initiative.

Simon Butler, a past master of the William Peters Lodge and a member of the Curry Club, expressed his excitement: “The Grantham Curry Club has genuinely become a symbol of friendship and inclusivity within our Freemasonry community. We are thrilled to see new faces adopt our values and traditions, ensuring the legacy of our craft in Grantham continues to thrive.”

The Grantham Freemasons are excited by the accomplishments of their Curry Club and eagerly anticipate further growth and engagement in the future. Chris added: “This extraordinary initiative exemplifies the commitment of Freemasons in Grantham to strengthen bonds, forge new connections, and positively impact the local community.”

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