On Saturday, July 9th, the United Grand Lodge of England announced the official consecration of their newest Masonic lodge: Science Fiction and Fantasy Lodge No. 10016. There are lodges for fishermen, gamers, F1 auto racing fans, actors and musicians, various sports like rugby, and many more. That’s in addition to their ongoing Universities Scheme, which encourages the establishment of lodges near colleges and universities. Some purists may argue that a science fiction and fantasy-themed lodge is somehow degrading, embarrassing, or in some way makes Masonry seem like a frivolous pursuit. It can be argued that it helps tap into a portion of men who might otherwise have never even considered petitioning a lodge.

For the members it is a way to marry two of their greatest passions which can only serve to strengthen the Lodge and the fraternity in general. Transylvania Lodge U.D. was formed to meet once a year (on or around Halloween) in order to operate a blood drive. Its Master, Bob Hilgediek, was an extraordinarily tall man with a gaunt face and was affectionately known as ‘Drac’ – he presided over their annual meetings dressed in an appropriate long black cloak. Sadly, the lodge died when Bob passed away in 2001.

St. Luke Lodge 761 originally started as an occupational affinity lodge for doctors and others in the medical professions. There have also been lodges that did their Masonic work in German.