by Daniel Morris, Shropshire Star, March 6, 2023

Shropshire Freemasons in the UK are supporting charitable causes at the local, national, and international levels. With 36 lodges comprising around 1,200 members in Shropshire alone, each member is required to make regular donations to charity, with contributions directed through the Shropshire Masonic Charitable Association (SMCA).

Last year, the collective donations of Shropshire Freemasons amounted to £75,000 ($103,000) which benefited numerous local causes. The SMCA distributed £36,400 to 36 local charities in 2022, including Hope House Children’s Hospice, The Harry Johnson Trust, and the Shrewsbury Food Hub.

The organization also supports the Teddies for Loving Care scheme, providing teddy bears to children in hospitals to give them comfort. Charitable work is at the heart of Masonic life, with fraternity and sorority being the driving forces.