The Freemasons of Chard, a community in Somerset, England, have recently made a generous donation of nearly £1,000, divided equally between the MS Society and St Margaret’s Hospice. This philanthropic gesture was orchestrated by Paul Connett during his term as chair. Unfortunately, he was unable to attend the presentation of the cheques, which were handed over by Worshipful Brother Adrian Auton, each cheque amounting to £434, to the representatives of the two charities.

A Personal Connection to the Cause

Paul Connett’s decision to support the MS Society was driven by a personal connection, as a family member battles multiple sclerosis. This donation acknowledges the significant contributions of the MS Society towards medical research in this field. Although a representative from the MS Society could not be present at the cheque presentation, Caroline Kew expressed her profound gratitude via a message, highlighting the importance of such contributions to the society’s mission to find a cure for multiple sclerosis.

A Tribute to a Friend

The donation to St Margaret’s Hospice was made in memory of Andy Campbell, a deceased lodge member and friend. David Jones, accepting the cheque on behalf of St Margaret’s Hospice, expressed deep appreciation for the Freemasons’ ongoing support. Hospices are vital in providing care at the end of life, and donations like these are crucial for them to continue their noble work.

Freemasonry and Charity

These donations reflect the Freemasons’ deep commitment to charitable endeavors. Freemasonry, which prides itself on values of brotherly love, relief, and truth, has a long-standing tradition of philanthropy. The contributions to the MS Society and St Margaret’s Hospice exemplify this commitment, demonstrating the fraternity’s impact on the broader community beyond its own members.

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