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Salem Masonic Lodge makes $3,000 donation to SCHS Drama Club

The Salem Masonic Lodge has generously donated $3,000 to the Salem Community High School Drama Club. This act of generosity was prompted by a suggestion from Salem Theatre Board member Meredith Fyke, who noted the involvement of over 50 students in the drama club. Mason Steve Lindsey explained that the donation was approved by the […]

Masonic ring

What Are the Rules for Wearing Masonic Rings?

It’s not just the masonic symbols that make these rings so special. Wearing a ring as a sign of loyalty and commitment to a club or organization is a wonderful way to demonstrate those same values. However, wearing a ring in public is not without its risks and rules.Freemasonry does have regulations regarding who can […]

Do Freemasons Really Believe in God

Do Freemasons Believe in God?

The Masonic fraternity is a loose-knit network of men who share common beliefs and goals. Because Masonry emphasizes charity, truth, and brotherly love, many believe it is an appropriate place for people from various different faiths to gather. However, there are some lodges that require their members to believe in a supreme being—among Masons themselves. […]

Is Freemasonry a Religion

Is Freemasonry a Religion?

Freemasonry is often misunderstood. It’s sometimes confused with other organizations that use similar rituals, such as secret societies like the Knights Templar or orders like the Red Cross. Even among its own members, it’s not uncommon to find people who think Freemasonry is a religion. Thankfully, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. While most […]

history of freemasonry

The History of Freemasonry: Who Started It and Why?

The oldest fraternal organization on the planet, Freemasonry has been a source of mystery and excitement for over 250 years. Dating back to the 14th Century, the secret society has become known for its strange rituals, use of symbols, and archaic terminology. The question remains: Who started it and why? Who are these “Freemasons” we […]

Become A Freemason

How to Become a Freemason: Steps and Requirements

Becoming a Freemason is a process that takes time and dedication. Each individual organization has its own set of requirements for membership, so the process of joining will vary from one group to another. However, there are some universal principles that apply to all Masonic organizations. Once you know whether or not becoming a Freemason […]

Letter G

What Does the “G” in Freemasonry Stand For?

The G in Freemason stands for “Good”, or so the masons say. Or perhaps it stands for “Geometry”, “God” or even “Great Architect of the Universe” – or any of a number of other possibilities. Depending on which source you consult, the answer to this question will vary wildly. There are many different theories about […]

masonic Eye

A Brief History of The Masonic Eye

The Masonic eye is a popular motif within Freemasonry. It is commonly found as a symbol on Masonic aprons, and can also be found in many other places. The eye is an important symbol in the teachings of Freemasonry. It has several different meanings depending on which context it is used in. In general, however, […]

So Mote It Be Mean

What Does “So Mote It Be’ Mean?

So Mote It Be. There is a familiarity to the term. When a Masonic Lodge is opened or shut down, it is always used. There are many who don’t realize just how old and significant this symbol is. It’s so close that we don’t even see it, which is the case with a lot of […]

Degrees Of Freemasonry

What Are The Degrees Of Freemasonry?

Degrees are initiation rituals that signify successive steps toward an organization’s membership. In the Masonic Lodge, three degrees are conferred: Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, and Master Mason. They are based on the journeymen system, which was used to train medieval stonemasons and craftspeople. In today’s society, colleges and universities use the term “degree” to represent […]

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