The Devon DocBike project recently received a significant financial boost, thanks to the charitable efforts of the Freemasons in Devon. This initiative is part of a broader effort by the Freemasons, who meet biannually to support various local organizations in need, including children’s charities, schools, youth centers, and health-related charities.

The funding for these donations comes from the “Wake Fund,” established by William Alexander Kneel, a former Provincial Grand Master. This fund, initially seeded by Kneel’s own contributions, has grown substantially through the ongoing generosity of the Freemasons and smart investments, now totaling £2.3 million. Each year, the fund generates around £50,000, which is distributed to various causes.

Anthony Eldred, the Charity Steward for the Devonshire Freemasons, highlighted the impact of the fund, noting that since its first disbursement in 2001, over £970,000 has been donated to more than 1,000 charities and organizations across Devon. Nicholas Ball, the current Provincial Grand Master, echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the Freemasons’ commitment to community service and their pride in the fund’s success.

Among the beneficiaries this year was Devon DocBike, which received £1,250. This charity plays a crucial role in delivering critical care to motorcyclists involved in accidents and actively works on biker education to prevent accidents. The DocBike team, comprising highly qualified medical professionals, often collaborates with local air ambulance services to provide rapid response and treatment to severely injured patients. Their proactive approach focuses not just on treatment but also on accident prevention, a critical aspect of reducing motorcycle-related fatalities and serious injuries.

For more information about Devon DocBike and their lifesaving work, visit their website at Devon DocBike.

Source: kingsbridge-today