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California Masons Announce $390,000, Three-Year Grant to San Diego Unified School District

The California Masons, partnering with San Diego Unified School District, have unveiled a generous grant of $390,000 spread over three years, aimed at bolstering the district’s College Career Technical Education (CCTE) initiatives.

This infusion of funds is set to broaden the reach of CCTE, making it accessible to a larger number of high schools and potentially benefiting an extra 3,000 pupils.

The grant is earmarked for the augmentation of education in automotive technology and building construction trades. It will underwrite a specialized five-week Saturday curriculum focused on in-depth automotive learning, and a Summer Enrichment initiative that not only provides school credits but also offers students paid internship opportunities.

In addition, the grant will finance the appointment of a dedicated coach for post-secondary preparation, tasked with the role of amplifying program awareness, driving student enrollment, and forging strategic alliances with local enterprises.

This concerted effort is geared towards dispelling prevailing misconceptions surrounding post-secondary education. It underscores the existence of rewarding career trajectories that do not necessarily hinge on obtaining a four-year college degree, thereby offering students and their families alternative pathways to stable and lucrative employment.

Source: Morning Star

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