On February 9, 2024, members of the Broad Arrow Lodge, accompanied by their families, dedicated an afternoon to environmental stewardship at the National Museum of Bermuda.

Their efforts were concentrated on eradicating invasive species from the museum’s grounds, a task that underscores the Freemasons’ commitment to community welfare and the preservation of the earth.

Kris Dakin, the Master of Broad Arrow Lodge, highlighted the initiative as a manifestation of the Masonic values of duty towards the community and environmental conservation.

The museum’s head of facilities, Andrew Harris, provided essential guidance and shared knowledge about the invasive species, ensuring the volunteers’ efforts were both effective and educational.

Lieutenant-Colonel Ben Beasley, the charity steward of the lodge, spearheaded this collaborative endeavor, emphasizing the importance of supporting the National Museum in its mission to preserve and animate history.

The project not only showcased the Freemasons’ dedication to community service and environmental preservation but also served as an inspiring example of volunteerism’s critical role in maintaining historical sites for future generations.

The Broad Arrow Lodge expressed pride in the positive impact of their work and reaffirmed their commitment to furthering such initiatives, aligning with their principles of brotherhood, charity, and truth through active community engagement and social stewardship.

Organizations interested in contributing to the National Museum of Bermuda’s upkeep are encouraged to reach out to Katie Bennett, the museum’s Advancement Director, signaling an open invitation for collaborative conservation efforts.

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