The Edge of The Universe

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In Freemasonry, it explained that the “extent of a Lodge” covers the whole of existence, rising to the heavens, to the depths of the earth, east and west to each horizon, and north and south the same. This is the width, breadth, and depth of… Read More »The Edge of The Universe

A Stupid Atheist?

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THE first of the Old Charges, “Concerning God and Religion” begins: “A Mason is obliged, by his tenure, to obey the moral law; and, if he rightly understands the art, will never be a stupid atheist….” That all petitioners for the degrees express a belief… Read More »A Stupid Atheist?

Masonry and Business

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All great moral forces in men’s lives permeate, and to some extent affect, their business careers. A Sincere Christian will endeavor to live by the golden rule. A Consistent church member will not be honest because it is the best policy, but because he believes… Read More »Masonry and Business