Tucked away on North Terrace lies the impressive Art Deco facade of the Freemasons Hall, home to the Grand Lodge of South Australia and the Northern Territory. Built in 1927, the Hall’s striking classical architecture incorporates Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian elements, transporting visitors back to ancient Greece.

As the headquarters for the state’s Freemasons, an ancient fraternal organization devoted to moral self-improvement, the building hosts administrative offices and lodges for ritual gatherings. But there’s more to this venue than its Freemason ties. With welcoming disabled access and a prime central location just a five-minute drive from Victoria Square, the Hall offers ornate event spaces available to the public for hire.

Beyond Its Administrative Duties

Supporting the Freemason lodges and managing the Hall falls on the Grand Lodge Office. Yet the site also serves music lovers, playing host to the atmospheric Candlelight concert series in its candle-lit foyer and grand halls. The flickering glow adds drama to classical performances, paying tribute to the likes of Coldplay and Tchaikovsky.

Facts, Curiosities & Intriguing Tales

The Hall harbors some curious histories and mysteries fitting for such an atmospheric landmark. As the oldest fraternal organization, Freemasons are shrouded in secrecy, devoted to moral self-improvement through charity work. Meanwhile, staff share intriguing tales of paranormal encounters within the Temple’s walls. Some claim to have witnessed sightings of a ghostly founding Freemason Brother Fax and unexplained security sweeps occurring when no other soul is present.

Experience the Grandeur

Beyond concerts, the Lodge offers tours and spaces to peruse Freemason history like the Murray Olsson Museum and JR Robertson Masonic Memorial Library. Bathed in flickering candlelight, the Freemason’s Hall takes visitors beyond administrative offices into an ornate setting housing ceremonious traditions as old as time.

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